• Mobile Apps Development
    Innovative ideas and techniques
  • Web Development
    Fast and responsive websites
  • Complete ERP Systems
    Manage all your work easily

Modern Design

Spica uses the latest design technologies to build up to date apps and websites.

Clean and scalable code

Our developers are writing clean and scalable code to allow our clients to improve their work and expand.

Software Training

After developing apps and websites we provide a complete training for employees to know how to use the app perfectly.

Technical Advisors

Our experts provide tips and advice for all clients to improve their systems and apps to achieve maximum benefit of the app

Dedicated Support

Every app we made has its own dedicated support team to solve any issue intime.

Constant Updates

We are making periodic updates for each app according to the updating plan approved by the client.

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Mobile Apps Development

Our main service is to create reliable and modern mobile applications that can serve our client business model.

Websites Development

Spica can make fully responsive websites that work on any platform including mobiles with latest design technologies.

Desktop Applications

For those who need a program with specific features to work offline or even online but with specific restrictions to cope with their needs.

ERP Systems

To manage your business with a daily following-up program including too many features that help you to increase your profit.

Graphic Design

Our expert designers can help you to create catchy perfect designs for your social media pages or your business.

Business Consultant

Spica's experts can consult you to start your own business with innovative application ideas in investment fields that you are interested in.

Technical Skills





Why Us?

Once you decide to share your journey with us. your decision will be the last effort you have to make. Our experts will get the work from here. Smoothly, you will see how your project is being built step by step without any effort from your side.

With us you can bring your dream out to the light.

Get close to our work and feel how fast our procedures are.

You don't have to describe what you want, We already know.

Do you really worry about cost? We don't do that here.

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